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Welcome to Kriseinfo.no

Kriseinfo.no is the official Norwegian website providing valid and secure information to the general public before, during and after a crises. The website presents updated and coordinated information from relevant Norwegian authorities and emergency actors.

30.09.2011 13:22

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The purpose of Kriseinfo.no is to provide the public with reliable crisis information from the different authorities in one place,, thus avoiding the public to seek vital information from a number of sources.


The website is hosted by The Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning (DSB) and is manned with a permanent editor and a small staff monitoring relevant sources of information. Hence an incident with potential repercussions for the general public will be published on the site as soon as information is available.


In crises and emergencies, Kriseinfo.no ​​will strive to present an overall picture of the situation, advice the public on how to act accordingly, and explain the roles and responsibilities of the authorities involved.


The aim is to render the information accessible and applicable for as many as possible


Before an emergency, Kriseinfo.no provides information on the Norwegian preparedness and emergency management system and explains roles and responsibilities among emergency actors. The site also highlights potential crises that could occur, and how to be prepared to deal with these crises.


During an emergency, the website provides an overall view of the ongoing emergency or crisis. Kriseinfo.no also provides contact information and links to authorities who are a part of the ongoing crisis management.


After the emergency, Kriseinfo.no reports about what kind of mitigation measures that are been taken, to restore everyday life.  Summaries of the events and lessons identified will also be made available.


The content on Kriseinfo.no has been published by the editorial staff in cooperation with responsible authorities.