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Alert systems - avalanches and landslides

08.11.2012 13:54

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The current national warning system for avalanches is limited, but work is underway to develop better methods. Local monitoring and warning systems have been established in some areas where there is also a risk of major landslides.


The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) is the national authority for avalanches and landslides. NVE works to establish nationwide warning systems to alert the public of the danger of both avalanches and earthslides at the regional level.


Avalanche hazard

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute is responsible for issuing avalanche warnings. These forecasts are developed by looking at the weather yesterday and today, as well as the weather forecast for tomorrow. Then, more information is gathered about:


  • Amount and intensity of precipitation
  • Wind velocity and direction
  • Temperature changes resulting in mild weather in the mountains


A specific set of meteorological criteria triggers severe avalanche warnings.


The Meteorological Institute publishes avalanche warnings on www.met.no and www.yr.no. The warnings are presented as ALERT forecasts, and are highly visible on the websites’ start pages.


Development of a more operative avalanche forecast system is part of the NVE’s work on a new nationwide avalanche and earthslide warning system. Starting from February 2012, avalanche forecasts will be published for 23 regional test areas. The forecasts will be published twice a week on the www.varsom.no website.


Landslide hazards

Permanent monitoring and forecasting systems have been established in certain areas where there is a risk of major landslides. This work is headed by local authorities, assisted by a network of experts. NVE currently contributes resources for monitoring, forecasting and preparedness measures at Åkneset and Hegguraksla in Sunnmøre, Mannen in Romsdalen and Nordnesfjellet in Troms.


Åknes/Tafjord Beredskap IKS

Åknes/Tafjord Beredskap IKS is an inter-municipal company that monitors landslide conditions in Åknes in Stranda municipality, Hegguraksla in Norddal municipality and Mannen in Rauma municipality.


Information about current landslide hazards, preparedness level, emergency plans and forecasts/warnings is available at http://www.aknes.no/


Northern Norway – mountain monitoring – Nordnes Mountain

The project entitled “Fjellskred i Troms” <Landslides in Troms County> is a collaboration between Lyngen, Stofjord, Kåfjord, Tromsø and Kvæfjord municipalities. The Geological Survey of Norway (NGU) is the expert authority as regards slides.


Monitoring status of Nordnes Mountain, and other information about slides and the danger of slides in the region can be found at: http://www.fjellskreditroms.no/