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Earthquakes in Norway

08.11.2012 12:13

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The most active earthquake areas are on or near the boundaries of tectonic plates. Norway is located at a safe distance from such an active tectonic border, but it is still one of the most active areas in Northern Europe when it comes to earthquake activity.


Each year, several earthquakes occur in Norway and adjacent areas. The most active earthquake areas are Nordland county, Western Norway and the North Sea; but Eastern Norway and Finnmark can also experience many earthquakes.


Earthquake activity in and near Norway is moderate, but can be noticeable to humans. Historically speaking, the most powerful earthquakes in Norway have a registered strength of between 5 and 6, but there is no confirmation of whether any of these earthquakes have caused fatalities or significant damage.


Earthquake activity in Norway is monitored by the Norwegian National Seismic Network at the University of Bergen and by NORSAR.