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Who is responsible in the event of fire?

08.11.2012 14:35

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Each municipality is responsible for maintaining preparedness for fires and accidents in the municipality. Among other things, this means that the municipality is responsible for organising and operating a fire service. The fire service must have sufficient fire crews and adequate equipment so that it can handle fires and accidents that may be expected to occur in the municipality.


The fire service has a number of tasks other than extinguishing fires. For example, the fire service must, if needed, participate in incidents including discharges of chemicals, freeing injured persons or the deceased in connection with accidents, life-saving first aid, rope rescues and securing accident sites. The fire service trains regularly on the various situations it may encounter.


If you witness a fire, call the fire service’s emergency alarm centre by dialling 110 and report the fire. The 110 emergency centre will call out the necessary resources, and is also required to notify other alarm centres for the police and health personnel.